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Electric water heater safe? Use electric water heater to pay attention to what?

Sep 20, 2017

As long as the use of attention to the following points is basically no problem.

First, the family's indoor wiring should be reliable grounding, and the grounding resistance value shall not be greater than 4Ω. Household outlet, regardless of single-phase power supply or three-phase power supply, the ground must be connected with the power supply ground, the socket grounding is not allowed to empty.

 Second, the electric water heater with the socket, should be with a fixed ground socket, can not use mobile power wiring board. The structure, capacity and jack size of the socket should match the electric water heater plug. The socket should be placed above the horizontal position of the outlet of the electric water heater to avoid the risk of short-circuiting by water splashing.

Third, the use of electric water heaters, the switch can not be turned off the power supply through the socket, because the power outlet after the power outlet plug can not work, once the occurrence of ground fault and other failures can not provide protection.

Fourth, regular (usually weekly) check press the leakage protection plug test key to confirm the leakage protection plug to work properly.

5, maintenance clean electric water heater external, should first cut off the power, do not use water spray, to a soft cloth to wipe.

6, if the power cord is damaged, in order to avoid danger, must use the manufacturer to provide a dedicated power cord, and by the maintenance department or similar departments of professionals to replace.

 7, electric water heater life should not exceed 8 years, such as over the years continue to use, there will be security risks, the need for timely replacement.