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Gas stove purchase

Sep 20, 2017

In the hearts of many consumers there is such a misunderstanding: the bigger the fire the better the gas stove. In response to this psychological misunderstanding, some businesses began to vigorously promote their products firepower, energy efficient. But the greater the firepower, on behalf of the unit time the greater the amount of gas consumption, so the so-called firepower and energy-saving argument is untenable.

Gas technology engineers after a long study found that home heating gas stove heat flow control between 3.5KW-4.0KW, in order to make the fire enough, while the thermal efficiency is also high, combustion is fully stable, to achieve the best combustion equilibrium point.

Therefore, consumers should pay attention to the purchase of gas stove, the product of the heat flow (fire) must be greater than 2.91KW (GB), but should not exceed 4.0KW; combustion sufficient (CO emissions) must be less than 0.05%; flame protection device Automatic closing time should be less than 60 seconds. Meet these standards is the quality of gas stove.