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Principles of kitchen appliances selection

Sep 20, 2017

1, the most important brand and service

International brand products in the parts procurement, production technology, quality control and other aspects of a strict request, the quality is generally more reliable, and improve after-sales service system, consumers can be removed from the worries. Choose a big brand of products is already a consensus.

2, election health, heavy environmental protection

Kitchen is the main source of pollution of the family, the kitchen is also a family life pleasure center. Kitchen appliances as the core of the kitchen components, whether it is essential to have a healthy, environmentally friendly function!

3, low consumption is called province

Home live, the use of energy saving, low consumption of electrical products really called the money. Do not just focus on whether the selling price of the product is cheap, more importantly, whether the product itself is energy-saving, low-power function.

4, kitchen electric integration

With the growing popularity of the whole kitchen, kitchen appliances as a whole kitchen embedded parts, must reflect the "kitchen electric integration" concept, to achieve the harmony between the elements of unity.