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The most economical electric water heater use

Sep 20, 2017

1, water heater heating water temperature should not be too high, generally combined with their own water habits, summer water temperature of about 42 degrees, about 46 degrees in winter;

2, according to the size of the water heater and their own use of hot water habits, and strive to do every time the bath just hot all the hot water run out;

3, each time to take a bath before 2 to 3 hours in advance heating water, began to take a bath before the water heater to power, one can do the absolute safety of electricity, two can save the water heater insulation power loss;

4, according to the size of the water heater and bathing habits to determine a suitable combination of hot water heating temperature; water heater heating set the higher the temperature, the longer the water heater insulation time, the more the remaining amount of hot water more electricity.