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Water heater out of the water to wash the stomach!

Sep 20, 2017

Electric water heater: before cleaning the first power off the water to guard against leakage

If the barrel of water, and the water temperature is high, must wait for water cooling and then cleaning work to prevent burns. Electric water heater cleaning is relatively simple, but before cleaning, the first water off the power.

After the cold water angle valve is opened, the water in the bladder is discharged from the cold water. After the water drained, but also on the liner for recoil cleaning.

Under normal circumstances, every six months to have a small water heater cleaning, each year to allow professionals to conduct a thorough cleaning.

Gas water heater: cleaning in addition to carbon deposition note gas leak

Gas burner part of the gas water heater to regularly remove carbon deposition. Coke accumulation will make the fuel combustion is not enough to produce carbon monoxide, the concentration will cause fatal injuries to the human body. When cleaning, you can put the carbon in the cleaning agent into the cleaning agent, soak to coke softening, and then wipe with a brush or old cloth, and finally rinse with hot water, and then dry.

Solar water heater: first estimate the vacuum tube temperature anti-scald, high-altitude fall

The cleaning of the solar water heater is mainly cleaning the vacuum tube. Before cleaning, be sure to first estimate the temperature of the vacuum tube. Vacuum tube temperature is not very good control, and so determine the appropriate temperature, you can start to take a vacuum tube. Take the tube approach is to hold the hands back and forth, so that the vacuum tube and the water tank on the ring loose.