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Water heater purchase and how to make maintenance

Sep 20, 2017

1. Look at the price, see the sign. Water heaters belong to the higher quality requirements of home appliances. Do not allow any security risks. From experience, those big manufacturers of large-scale production of water heaters, the quality of the clearance. In addition, look at the price, the purchase of water heaters can not be cheap, the price is too low water heater is best not to buy.

2. Look at capacity. The market will be in accordance with the capacity of water heaters, we have to according to the number of their own family to buy the corresponding water heater.

3. Installation should be careful. Water heater installation should be very careful, otherwise it will leave a security risk. It is best to find the factory's professional technicians to install, use carefully read the instructions.

Household multi-purpose water heaters are generally used in more than 10 years, excluding the consumption of heating elements, generally no need to replace the components, the normal use without deliberate maintenance.

The installation of the time to pay attention to do the relevant protection, to avoid heavy rain pouring and strong sunlight can be.