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What are the coup designs for an open kitchen design?

Sep 20, 2017

1, space to be clever transformation. Each kitchen space in the construction will have a firewall or over the top beam and other basic structure, the kitchen partition transformation, we must consider the structure of the existing situation, so that "the best use, clever use." If you want to transform the wall on the beam, it can be transformed into a bar top light, and can not be removed, so as not to affect the stability of the building structure.

2, furniture cabinet style to be unified. If your open kitchen is a meal, kitchen, guest integrated, it is necessary to consider the living room, dining room furniture and kitchen furniture harmony, to ensure that "open kitchen" can be naturally integrated into the overall home atmosphere.

3, the rotation space should be enough. Dinette and chairs in the open kitchen room placed, can not affect the cooking operation space, when the chair pulled out, the chair back to the cabinet to 1 meter above, and the general dinette to occupy at least 2 meters in width Plus the depth of the cabinet, it requires the kitchen long or wide side at least 3.6 meters.

4, ventilation and smoke to strengthen. Open kitchen stove, should consider the use of kitchen utensils will not produce too much smoke, so high-power range hood is an open kitchen indispensable "smoke defender". It is best to have a large number of windows, which can ensure good ventilation to reduce the indoor fumes, but also make the indoor light more bright.

5, storage space to stay enough. Open kitchen table should not put too much cooking utensils to ensure its aesthetics. So the need for cabinets storage function as much as possible, can all the "unsightly" are installed in the cabinet.