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Analysis On The Causes Of Panel Explosion Of Gas Cooker Products

Sep 20, 2017

First, the iron lid of the stove, due to a long time the fire cover rust, rust point long blocked the fire cover the hole, resulting in fire can not burn out.

Solution: regular cleaning fire cover, cleaning the stove when not only wipe the panel, for the sub-fire inside the dross and rust points to deal with.

Second, the cabinet countertop hole size is greater than the size of the stove hole. Because too large, the stove is not the location of the metal shell position, but the glass panel, long-term suspension of the force is easy to make the stove panel burst solution: must first determine the size of the stove, and then open the cabinet hole, To open the hole.

Third, the user to the high temperature of the things directly to the panel, such as just used wok, just burned the kettle and other objects.

Solution: to remind the user to pay attention to avoid the high temperature of the things put on the panel.

Fourth, the stove with a gas pipe or other parts of the leak, the leakage of gas burning so that the local high temperature caused by the burst.

Solution: to regularly check the gas valve, regularly check the gas interface, liquefied gas relief valve on a regular basis, the installation of the pipe should be selected with just died bellows.

Five, sub-firearms, which is often said that the fire cover, after washing the placement and the bottom does not match, resulting in a long time tempering fire, or from the gap out of the flames. This will not only lead to the panel burst, but also easy to make firearms deformation.

Solution: After cleaning the fire cover must be put back as it is, do not let the gap between the fire cover and the seat.