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Big Welfare: Hood You Do Not Know How To Clean Up? It's Actually Really Easy!

Sep 20, 2017

One, net bamboo light scraping method

Protect the fan blade of the oil network can be slowly removed with a screwdriver, sprayed on the "fume net" into the plastic bag, put it aside after 15 minutes, in the basin into the 80 ℃ hot water with a wipe after careful cleaning The If the grease on the oil line is very thick, you can also use a thin bamboo sheet gently scraping part of the grease and then clean.

Second, hair dryer heating method

1, with hair dryer hot air against the oil blowing about 20 seconds!

2, and then with a clean cloth stained with detergent, the greasy at the wipe. Oil is hot hair blown after the hair, softened a lot, so much rub.

3, blowing part of the rub part of the oil can easily rub off the oil. Want to wipe where to blow where, even the edge of the corner, where the gully can also blow, of course, can clean

Third, the fan leaves vinegar soaking method

Remove the leaves carefully and soak them in a pot of hot water mixed with 2 ml of detergent and 50ml of vinegar. Soak for about 1 minute and scrub with a clean rag. Hood body also use this solution to clean, pay attention to the solution humidity maintained at about 60 °, detergency to do. This self-dispensing cleaning solution has been shown to have no irritation to the hand and eye mucosa, no hood on the hood, and to clean the surface to keep the original luster.

Fourth, plastic bottle spray method

1, take a plastic bottle (can be pinch flattened all kinds of beverage bottles can be), with a needle in the cap on the poke a dozen holes, fitted with detergent with the right amount of warm water, shake even stand.

2, start the range hood, with full of detergent bottles to clean the parts to be sprayed, you will see the oil and dirty water into the oil tank, with the full with the down.

Heat pipe .jpg

3, the bottle of washing water used to continue to fill, repeatedly rinse the hood until the oil into the oil tank so far. Depending on the degree of oil, the general washing 3 bottles on the clean.

4, such as the fan outside the net cover, get the net cover flush better.

5, with a rag to wipe the suction port around the chassis surface and shade around.

Fifth, the use of residual temperature scrubbing method

Finish the meal off the range hood, taking advantage of the range hood and more than temperature, take a rag to wipe it again, you can easily wipe the oil, each time with a rub, often keep clean and not greasy

In the box with a layer of plastic wrap, cling film to be part of the plastic film beyond the cover, completely cover the oil tank surface, so that the smoke adsorbed on the plastic wrap, from time to time for a plastic wrap.