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Eat Melon People Are The Collection Of Gas Stove Use Norms, You Do Not Collect! The The 1, Clear Gas

Sep 20, 2017

source, installed, please use the gas cooker should carefully read the product manual. Before you can use gas, you must be prepared for all sloppy or hectic. In the order of the first gas pipe on the front of the valve to open the valve, and then press the ignition device.

2, the use of gas, it should be taken care of, always pay attention to burning, according to the actual need to adjust the flame. Purchase a gas stove with automatic flameout protection.

3, the use of stove, such as the discovery of flame, to immediately close the switch, open the doors and windows ventilation, to be no smell, to identify the reasons for flameout, and to properly handle and then re-ignition.

4, before stopping the use of gas or before going to sleep, should check whether the gas switch is closed, the gas meter on the total valve closed, open the kitchen window, close the kitchen door to the door is more secure.

5, gas stoves and pipelines, such as the use of hose connection, to check whether the hose is damaged, whether there is leakage phenomenon, the method is to use soap solution, continuous blowing bubble is the point of leakage; gas hose bending radius should be More than 5 cm, otherwise the bending is easy to aging cracking; hose life is generally 18 months, the aging should be updated.

6, gas meter, stove is strictly prohibited to install in the bedroom, can not be installed in the kitchen with gas facilities to sleep. This is because the gas pipeline is full of gas, once the pipeline corrosion and other reasons leaked out, it will make people gas poisoning or even death. Also do not put debris and flammable and explosive materials near the gas stove to prevent the occurrence of fire and explosion.

7, after the use of gas stove to be regularly maintained in order to maintain good performance; the fire cover should be regularly cleaned, so as not to block the fire hole dirt, resulting in stove tempering.

8, residents and public buildings of all gas equipment does not allow unauthorized disassembly or migration, if the customer unauthorized disassembly will damage the equipment and gas system tightness, gas leakage will lead to serious accidents.