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Installation And Daily Maintenance Of Water Storage Type Electric Water Heater And Precautions

Sep 20, 2017

1. To ensure that the water heater has been working efficiently, please discharge it regularly. Dispose of the power supply first, then unscrew the nut of the drain (pay attention to avoid the water heater burn) and put the mixing valve in the maximum hot water position. After the discharge of sewage, you can once again in the inlet into the clean water, the second cleaning, until the satisfaction so far. After the discharge put the pad, put the magnesium rod, tighten the drain can be nut. Regular (about a year) check the magnesium rod, if it has been exhausted, please replace it.

2. If the electric heater is too serious or too much sediment, please remove the professionals to remove. After cleaning, please note: the six legs of the liner flange should be evenly force, not loose, the flange plate shall not be tilted. Need to re-fill the water before turning on the power.

3. Check whether the "Test" button on the remaining current protector can operate periodically (once a week).

4. If you do not have a long time or more than 4 hours, please close the water inlet valve and power supply.

5. When the tap water pressure> 07Mpa, the one-way valve pressure relief port will have water or water outflow:

(1) When the safety valve spill mouth even water drops, is a normal phenomenon. In order to avoid the water heater in the heating process as much as possible during the discharge valve outlet pressure, please tap the water pipe into the water pipe long-term open.

(2) when the safety valve discharge port is often drip, then the tap water pressure is too high, then the water pipe to be installed a pressure reducing valve, the valve should be installed as far away from the location of the water heater.

(3) For dripping treatment, a drainage tube can be used to lead the drip to the appropriate location, pay attention to the drainage nozzle must be kept down, and with the atmosphere, not blocked.