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Kitchen Decoration Do Not Blindly Integrated Stove Installation Matters To Explain

Sep 20, 2017

Set the integrated stove socket integrated stove socket location should be planned in the transformation of water and electricity, generally because the integrated stove power cord is generally only 1.5 meters long, so the socket is often installed in the top of the integrated stove 80 cm position

The size of the exhaust outlet of the integrated outlet should be sized according to the size of the product. The mouth of the mouth should be large diameter, mouth diameter is small, to prevent rainwater irrigation.

Integrated stove installation precautions

1, do not stay in the air convection strong place

2, the installation of exhaust pipe

The smoke pipe is installed and sealed

3, installed after the test machine

After the installation of the stove is completed, be sure to remember to debug the integrated stove. Usually through the function keys to see if the switch is working properly.

4, do a good job protection

After the installation of the integrated stove, if the kitchen and other renovation projects are not completed, it is necessary to do a good job of integrated kitchen protection work.

5, with the cabinet installed in the order

In general, before the design of the cabinet, you need to integrate the size of the stove to the cabinet manufacturers, set aside the location of the integrated stove. The integrated stove and the installation of the order of the main cabin according to the specific circumstances of different people. In general, if the integrated stove and cabinet between the more closely, the first installation of the cabinet will be better, or easy to hit the integrated stove. But it is best to arrange the two on the same day to install, coordinate the installation, the effect is better.