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Looking For The Kitchen Good Helper

Sep 20, 2017

This year, VATTI Industrial Design Competition will once again to a new way of breakthrough former competition idea, which would set an example again for industrial design competition and commits to a public innovation platform.

The industrial design competition is founded in 2006, since that, VATTI GROUP has been committed to the kitchen electricity and original design, so as to promote design innovation of China kitchen& Bath industry. As is reported, this year VATTI industrial design competition will once again break out the competition idea.

From the beginning of the eighth session of VATTI industrial design contest, it was abandoned the traditional pattern, and established an innovative training camp. The match would provide all necessary for students, from the hardware to the top of the mentor, in order to create the design star.

The training camp programs don’t require attendance, because students difficult to miss the wonderful professional courses. Each class and each instructor here are wealth for the students’ life; here, selected courses after fine grinding will ensure that each training to the students would be useful; here, profession would create professional design star.

Compared to the former match, the competition has great difference, not only in the "product design" link is more colorful, but also expanding the new map on the basis. In addition, it opens up a new field of cultural and creative, especially the establishment of Cultural and Creative Award, and it opens the idea to meet the VATTI industrial design contest temperament adorable pet and cultural shirt. This part of the set is a new breakthrough mileage card type in the same industry field. Adorable pet, is not only a kind of personality, a young, a vitality and creativity; adorable pet, is also a kind of take life style, it vividly shows the new way of life and spiritual pursuit. In the most ordinary T-shirt "dazzle" your style, is not only showing young, personality and creative platform, but also with the cultural and creative impact to your eyeballs, and show a bright spot in the creative life.