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Please Pay Attention To The Dangers Of Counterfeit Kitchen And Toilet Products! First, Bad: Inferior

Sep 20, 2017

products in the kitchen and toilet market has been very rampant, frequent security incidents, the industry said that these manufacturers are disrupting the market order, the production of low-end substandard products at very low-end prices selling in the regional market, not only Frequent accidents, often appear in the quality supervision and business published on the black list.

Second, how bad is the edge of the law

Kitchen and toilet electrical trademark for the first 11, before the introduction of the new trademark law, the trademark has not yet reached a strict specification. Trademark is divided into Chinese trademarks, the most common is to add names, the English standard is the most common to change the letters, graphics and trademark is the most common pattern. So that era derived from a number of well-known brands are very similar to the legitimate registered trademark.

Finally, how to leave the market to leave

Through the inventory of various areas of kitchen and fake fake incident found that fake and shoddy production plants for the workshop-type assembly. Some from the field of OEM manufacturing special counterfeit products, some local workshops into the field of spare parts assembly, the use of substandard low-level configuration to the well-known brand of low-priced brand in the market a lot of retail.

Selling genuine kitchen electric dealer spring came

We are not difficult to find a lot of legitimate qualifications of the regular brand, after the Spring Festival in the market force, the regional market linkage activities, the meeting. Quickly expand the channel sink layout, which shows that the focus of this year's industry in the formal brand, fake and shabby edge ball is not feasible, we look at what the future advantage of genuine.