Energy Efficient Water Heater

Min.Order Quantity:500 Unit/Units Supply Ability:3000 Unit/Units per Day Port:Zhongshan Payment Terms:L/C,T/T Certification´╝ÜCE

Product Details

Product Description

Energy efficient hot water is a water heater that can supply water of 24 hours a day, high water pressure, constant temperature to provide the family with different hot water needs, and at the same time can consume the least energy to complete the above requirements. In addition to the efficient production of domestic hot water, it can release air-conditioning as the air-conditioner to meet the cooling needs of the kitchen, and can achieve dehumidification in the local space of balconies, storage rooms, garages, etc., to prevent moldy deterioration, or rapid Dry clothes.


Energy-saving water heaters are usually installed on the balcony of the kitchen. The air outlet is linked to the kitchen through the air duct, so that the cold air that is blown can directly enter the kitchen to achieve the cooling effect. When installing, simply connect the cold and hot water outlets to the hot and cold water reserved for the house.


Energy-saving water heaters use microcomputer intelligent controllers, which have time settings, timer switch functions, water temperature settings, ventilation settings, overheat protection and other intelligent control functions. However, most of the functions have been set by the factory at the time of shipment. Simply use the default values. Basically, you only need to set the temperature you need (usually set at 45-50 degrees) to use it.

Gas Water Heater Feature:

  • 5/6/7/8/10 L available

  • Double ignition pin, Automatic electrical pulse ignition device

  • Hot water comes out in 5 secs

  • Flameout protection

  • Anti-freezing protection

  • Over water pressure protection

  • Hand shower available

  • Anti-dry combustion protection device

  • Winter-summer switch option for gas saving

  • 20 Minutes timer available

  • Different colors available




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