Propane Tankless Hot Water Heater

This propane tankless hot water heater integrates the bathroom mirror, storage rack, faucet, sink, bathroom cabinet and shower water heater.

Product Details

Product Description

Under the same hot water output condition, our  propane tankless hot water heater is only half of the storage-type electric water heater, and it has no pressure feeling and is more beautiful. In winter, the warm-up mode is selected, and waiting for a short time, you can enjoy the full heat. 

Product Feature

This propane tankless hot water heater integrates the bathroom mirror, storage rack, faucet, sink, bathroom cabinet and shower water heater. In addition, it is more beautiful and fashionable than the previous hanging water heater. Due to the proper size and compzct design, it helps to release space of limited space. The instant water heater is more energy-saving than the water storage type, which helps to save time and water, and there is no special need to preheat in advance. Compared with ordianry heater on the market, our propane tankless hot water heater realizes the function to produce  constant temperature water. It has a combination of waist spray spa massage and Foot massage energy-saving disk structure, but also touch screen human-machine dialogue function is relatively intelligent.

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging DetailsGiftbox or Carton outer box
Delivery TimeWithin 30 days


Gas Water Heater 
1. Flue Type 
2. Instant Gas water heater 
3. Safety device 

Gas Water Heater


  • 5/6/7/8/10 L available

  • Double ignition pin, Automatic electrical pulse ignition device

  • Hot water comes out in 5 secs

  • Flameout protection

  • Anti-freezing protection

  • Over water pressure protection

  • Hand shower available

  • Anti-dry combustion protection device

  • Winter-summer switch option for gas saving

  • 20 Minutes timer available

  • Different colors available


Packing and Capacity:


Online 100% test (gas leakage and combustion):

Quality Control:




Most popluar Tankless Propane Gas Water Heater Work Together with Solar Water Heater Energy Efficient

Please note:

Although they are easy to be installed ,I do recommend a Qualified Plumber if you have any doubts.

We assume no responsibility whatsoever for the installation of this heater or any damage incurred from its installation or use.

Water heater must be installed in ventilated place, or install metal flue to exhaust smoke out.

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